Experienced and qualified staff ensuring you have the right care provision, equipment and technology in place to promote your independence and meet your assessed needs. 

The right care for you, the first time. 

The right provision for you

Care should always be personalised to you, and brokering this care should remain person-centred. Our Social Workers ensure any equipment, care provision or technology sourced is not only the right care for you but of the highest quality. 

The brokerage of care should remain person-centred with you involved every step of the way from organising to agreeing on the care. 

What is Involved?

Care brokerage can include the research and purchase of:

  • Technology

  • Domiciliary Care (Care at Home)

  • Residential Care (Care Home)

  • Nursing Care

  • Equipment

  • Specialist professionals i.e Occupational Therapy

When is Brokerage necessary:

  • After the co-production of a new Care Plan

  • To ensure an efficient hospital discharge

  • After the co-review of a Care Plan