Here to help you organise the right care for you.

A Care Assessment is a conversation that will explore what is important to your client, their strengths, and where they need assistance to remain independent. From our Care Assessment, we can create a bespoke Care Plan that identifies help and support that can best meet these needs. 

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Our qualified, registered Social Workers are experienced in every aspect of adult social care, and will listen, guide and support you every step of the way ensuring all of the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

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What is a  needs assessment ? A needs assessment is a conversation  that identifies your strengths and what care and help you may need and considers: 


·         The emotional and social side of your life.

·         Your skills and abilities.

·         Your views, religious and cultural background and support network.

·         Any physical difficulties you may experience or any risks.

·         Any health or housing requirements.

·         Your needs and wishes.

·         What you would like to happen.

·         Needs you have connected with any kind of disability or illness.

A care needs assessment is your chance to talk to a qualified professional and to discuss the things you can do and those things you are having difficulty with. 

Our assessments are Care Act (2014) compliant and ensure you remain at the heart of your care and support. This ensures our Social Workers have a holistic picture of not only your needs but your abilities as well. 



Care Planning

A Care Plan (sometimes called a care and support plan) sets out how your care and support needs will be met. The Care Plan will outline the level of care that is needed to sustain your well-being.


Every Care Plan is individual and tailored to your needs.


You will be included in this process every step of the way.


Whether you want help and support to stay in your own home or look at care home options Nellie can help and support you and your family.


Through the Needs Assessment and Care Planning Services, we identify the type of help and support that is needed.


The Care Plan will set out:


  • The needs identified by the needs assessment.

  • The personal budget.

  • How care and support can be relevant to your desired outcomes. – what you want to achieve.



Should you need additional help and support, for example, the services of a paid-for carer, then we ensure quality support services are in place to meet your needs.


With hundreds of care providers, care homes and technologies available to search from home, it is difficult to understand each provider’s specific expertise. It can be time-consuming and frustrating. We source the right services suitable for you.


We are unique in the fact that we can work with providers and technologies that local authorities will only work with via “direct payments”, reducing the ease of which to access the care providers clients want to work with.


Unlike online automated brokerage services, we provide a bespoke and professional service from assessment through to care plan, brokerage, and review of services. This will ensure the right services are in place and continue to meet your needs.




Our Social Workers can act as the linchpin between individuals, their families, and other agencies, ensuring everyone involved is informed and communicating effectively


We can arrange visits suitable to your needs, whether its weekly, monthly or annual or something in-between offering support with maintaining and managing your care package to ensure it continues to meet your changing needs.


  • Care Act (204) assessment review

  • Continuing Health Care review

  • Decision Support Tool (DST) Advocacy 

  • Advocacy and support

  • The brokerage of additional services

  • The organisation of specialists such as Occupational Therapy

  • Advocacy at meetings

  • Correspondence with other agencies


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