Care Review

The team at Nellie Supports, have in-depth knowledge and experience of care provision and case management, gained from working closely with Local Authorities and Primary Care Trusts. Nellie’s Social Workers are all Registered Social Worker with Social Work England (SWE).


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What is a care review?

Reviewing care is essential. It ensures you remain the focus of your care plan. Reviews allow for continuous communication between you and your Social Worker, not only does it allow for changes in needs to be identified quickly but also enables you to identify issues or concerns you have with your care. 

A care review includes:

  • Review of care records

  • Level of care standards – to ensure current provision levels are maintained at the agreed standard

  • Full review of continuing health care

  • Full review of needs assessment

  • Identification of any changes in their needs

  • Care plan review

Care Review

Our reviews are comprehensive and person-centred, ensuring any changes in needs are quickly identified and care plans updated.