Children and Young Person COP3 Mental Capacity Assessment


Why is there a need?

When applying to be a deputy for a child or teenager, the Court of Protection requires a mental capacity assessment to be completed by a health and social care professional, referred to as a COP3 report.


Assessing a child or young person’s mental capacity brings its own unique challenges. Our caring, innovative approach puts them at the heart of the process at all times.


Why Nellie?

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to supporting children, young people and their families, including working with children with life-limiting conditions and supporting children in educational settings.


What to expect

Assessments are carried out in your own home or wherever you feel most comfortable. To create a relaxed environment for children, we’ve worked with educators and illustrators to create a fun and simple colouring book to help start the conversation around finances for example.


Person Centred, Evidence Based

We work from a social model of disability to provide you with the most accurate, evidence-based, truthful assessment possible and aim to complete assessments within 7 days from enquiry to referral. As experienced social workers we understand how important the decisions being made are to your family’s wellbeing. All our assessments are fully compliant with the Mental Capacity Act (2005).​

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