Children and Young Persons COP3

Mental Capacity Assessment

Our qualified experienced and registered Social Workers complete all of our mental capacity assessments. We provide a relaxed and informal approach to ensure you have the best opportunity and help in making decisions. 

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When applying for deputyship for a child or teenager the court of protection requires a mental capacity assessment to be completed by a health and social care professional. This report is referred to as a COP3.

We support families by providing a comfortable and professional assessment in your own home. 

Not only are we experts in assessing mental capacity, but we also have a wealth of experience working with children and their families.

Why Nellie?


Our Social Workers have hands-on experience working with children and families, from working with children with life-limiting conditions to working with young people in educational settings. We work from a social model of disability to ensure you get the most accurate, evidence-based assessment possible.


We understand the decisions taking place are essential to you and your families well-being and should not be unnecessarily delayed, its why we aim for a 7-day turnaround from the referral.


Historically, Capacity Assessments have fallen to medical professionals to complete. Our experts apply the Mental Capacity Act (2005) to their work daily and have unique, expert knowledge of not only the legislation but also how to ensure a truthful assessment of a child or young person is completed.


In Person Assessment

Our assessors ensure any assessment is therapeutic in nature, the Mental Capacity Act (2005) promotes the concept of supporting people to make their own decisions, it's not about removing your ability to make decisions.


Our assessments usually take place in the individuals home, whether this is a private residence or a care home, although on occasion it's necessary for assessments to take place in hospitals or in private organised rooms such as hotel meeting rooms.


An assessment, will, on average take approximately 1 hour and our experienced Social Workers try to ensure it is a comfortable and relaxed experience, its important to us that the individual feels confident enough to engage with us, as it is only that way we can get a true understanding of someone’s capacity.

More information

Telehealth via secure video link

Face to face mental capacity assessments are always going to be best practice. However, in those instances where this is not feasible, we offer a safe, secure and professional online mental capacity assessment via our integrated telehealth service.


As with our face to face assessments, our qualified experienced and registered Social Workers complete all of our telehealth mental capacity assessments. We provide a relaxed and informal approach to ensure you have the best opportunity and help in making decisions.