In-Person Financial

Vulnerability Assessments

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Whether you are concerned about a loved one or you're a professional with concerns about a clients vulnerability, Nellie Supports staff can ensure you have all of the information to ensure you can safeguard those most vulnerable in our society. 

Nellie Supports staff are accredited financial vulnerability assessors and apply the Lichtenberg interview process to ensure we gain a true representation of an individual. Our assessments are therapeutic in nature, person-centred and evidence-based. 

What is a financial Vulnerability assessment?

Financial Vulnerability Assessments can be used either in conjunction with a mental capacity assessment or as a stand-alone assessment for evidentiary purposes.

The assessment model we use is a three-step assessment, 

The Financial Decision Tracker - The financial decision tracker is our base assessment and looks at choice, rationale, understanding, and appreciation of a financial decision in the context of the client's values. This short assessment helps to identify whether there is cause for concern and if so, whether a more comprehensive assessment is required. 

Family and Friends Interview - Family & Friends is a structured, multiple-choice interview of the older adult's relative, friend or trusted professional that encourages elaboration. The risk scoring system indicates risk perception, or how concerned the relative or friend is about the older adult's financial decision-making and vulnerability to financial exploitation.

The Financial Vulnerability Assessment - The Financial Vulnerability Assessment is an in-depth financial vulnerability assessment to determine the factors involved in an older adult's financial decisions. It measures two main aspects of financial management. The first section, the Financial Decision Tracker, looks at the intellectual factors (choice, rationale, understanding, appreciation) at play in making a specific financial decision.

The Lichtneberg model Nellie Supports uses is evidenced-based, person-centred and therapeutic in nature, allowing for a positive and comprehensive assessment. 

A Financially Vulnerable Assessment is transaction-specific and can be used as evidence for changes to wills; Trust Fund creation, Investment, Gifts of cash and Property and for those deputies,attorneys and family members who have concerns about a loved one. 


In Person Consultation

Our accredited staff complete all of our financial vulnerability assessments. We provide a relaxed and informal approach to ensure you have the best opportunity and help in making decisions. ​
We know the decisions taking place are essential and should not be unnecessarily delayed. That's why we aim for a 7-day turnaround for all of our assessments, from referral to the completed documents back with you.

Our assessors will contact you and arrange an appointment convenient to you at a location of your choice; this could be your own home, a solicitors office or a public venue, wherever makes you feel most comfortable. 

Our Social Worker aims for the assessment to feel relaxed and comfortable; we are there to support you in every practicable way to be able to make this decision for yourself. 

The assessment should feel like a conversation rather than a test, for the majority of assessments, we will always ensure you have the outcome prior to us leaving.