Mike's Story


Mikes Story

Mikes Dad, Jim, lived with a diagnosis of dementia. Mike had been helping out with odd jobs since his Mum passed away, but with his Dad’s diagnosis, he wanted to ensure he was able to continue to support him.

Mike approached us about completing lasting powers of attorney for his Jim, we met with Jim and Mike and explained the two different options available, Financial Attorney and Health Attorney. Mike was concerned that his sister, who had had little contact with their Dad, would contest the attorneys on the grounds of Jim’s capacity.

To ensure that Jim’s was supported in his decisions making and to ensure his wishes were upheld we completed two separate capacity assessments, one for whether Jim had the capacity to grant lasting power of attorney for finances and a second for whether he could grant lasting power of attorney for health.

The assessments took place at Jim’s home and were a relaxed affair with plenty of tea and biscuits, Jim later told his son he didn’t feel like it was an assessment, it felt like a natural conversation.

During the assessments, Jim was able to show his understanding of the relevant information, his ability to use the information and was able to retain it long enough to communicate effective decisions. Jim was fine to make these decisions, and we had the evidence of the capacity assessments to ensure his wishes and decisions were not contested in the future.

We completed all of the necessary paperwork, handled all of the communication with the office of public guardian and ensured the registered documents were back with Jim in good time.

If you need help with organising a mental capacity assessment or lasting powers of attorney contact us for a free, informal discussion.