Financial Vulnerability


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Whether you are concerned about a loved one or you're a professional with concerns about a clients vulnerability, Nellie Supports staff can ensure you have all of the information to ensure you can safeguard those most vulnerable in our society. 

Nellie Supports staff are accredited financial vulnerability assessors and apply the Lichtenberg interview process to ensure we gain a true representation of an individual. Our assessments are therapeutic in nature, person-centred and evidence-based. 


Nellie Supports is a proud supporter of the Personal Finance Society's Financial Vulnerability Taskforce



To assist professionals and families, we are trained and accredited in the use of the Lichtenberg Financial Vulnerability interview model. This financial vulnerability assessment model is research-based. The reliability of the Lichtenberg Interview method has been validated across more than three years of field-testing.

Financial vulnerability assessments can determine the quality and soundness of a financial decision, and whether a transaction can continue with confidence or should be postponed.

Our assessments are person-centred, evidenced-based and therapeutic in nature. This means our assessors will work with the individual and their family/ friends to ensure the individual themselves gains an insight into any possible vulnerability while also recording evidence to support further decision making. 

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Accredited Assessors

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Evidenced Based

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Proven Model

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Transaction Specific



Financial Decision Tracker

The Financial Decision Tracker (FDT) is our base assessment and looks at choice, rationale, understanding, and appreciation of a financial decision in the context of the client's values. This short assessment helps to identify whether there is cause for concern and if so, whether a more comprehensive assessment is required. 

Completion of the assessments allows us to create an individuals risk rating scale 


Family & Friends Interview

Family & Friends Interview (FFI) is a structured, multiple-choice interview of the older adult's relative, friend or trusted professional that encourages elaboration. The risk scoring system indicates risk perception, or how concerned the relative or friend is about the older adult's financial decision-making and vulnerability to financial exploitation.

Completion of the assessments allows us to create an individuals risk rating scale 


Financial Vulnerability Assessment

The first section of the Financial Vulnerability Assessment (FVA) looks at the intellectual factors (choice, rationale, understanding, appreciation) at play in making a specific financial decision

The remaining three sections determine the contextual factors surrounding finances, such as acquaintances with large influence over the client's finances and decisions, and how susceptible the client may be to these influences. Contextual factors can overwhelm the intellectual factors and impair the ability to make decisions.

Completion of the assessments allows us to create an individuals risk rating scale 


In Person Consultation

Face to face consultations are always going to be best practice. A face to face meeting allows us to breakdown barriers and support you in ensuring you have every possible opportunity of making a decision. 

If there is doubt about someone's capacity, it is always recommended a full, decision specific mental capacity assessment is completed. You can read more about our mental capacity assessment service her

Telehealth Consultation via secure video link

Face to face consultation is always going to be the best practice. However, in those instances where this is not feasible, we offer a safe, secure and professional online mental capacity assessment via our integrated telehealth service.

As with our face to face consultations, our qualified experienced and registered Social Workers complete all of our telehealth lasting power fo attorney certificate provider services. We provide a relaxed and informal approach to ensure you have the best opportunity and help in making decisions.