Human Rights Training

Our training courses have been specially created by our registered Social Workers, using their knowledge of education and social work practices. This ensures our training is based on real case scenarios and practical experience as well as our understanding of legislation and policy. 

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The foundation level is aimed at those individuals with little or no knowledge of Human Rights legislation, for instance, those just starting their careers in the care sector. 

Aim of the course:

by the end of the course, you should have a grounding knowledge of the following:


  • What are human rights?

  • Where did they come from?

  • Why are they important?

Advanced Human Rights course part 1 continues to build on the knowledge you may have or have learned from our Foundation course in Human Rights.


 We will explore historical decisions in more depth and discuss the proliferation of the numerous treaties and treaty bodies which make up our global protections of rights.  We will also explore universalism vs cultural relativism and look into some individual covenants/conventions and the impact they have on promoting rights of the person.

This course is suited to a person who have finished our Foundation in Human Rights course, or who already has an understanding of Human Rights.

Continuing from Advanced Human Rights part 1.


Part 2 explores in greater depth the regional bodies responsible for coordinating and promoting human rights in specific regions, as well as explore the UK domestic legislation.

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