The Capacity to Litigate

(engage in court proceedings) 


Our Expertise

We have worked with official court solicitors to create a bespoke assessment report to assess and record the mental capacity of an adult to engage in court proceedings in the Family Court, the High Court, a county court, or the Court of Appeal.


What the law says

When it comes to capacity to litigate the official solicitor is very clear on the information that a person needs to be able to understand. This includes:

  • Capacity to make decisions that arise in litigation

  • Capacity to understand advice

  • Capacity to understand compromise


What to expect

Our assessments usually take around an hour and our friendly, experienced social workers do their best to make sure it’s a comfortable and relaxed experience. We’re accredited expert mental capacity assessors, so you’re in good hands.


Montreal Cognitive Assessment

Our bespoke assessment includes a Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) and, where practical, a financial vulnerability assessment to ensure our assessments are evidence-based and person-centred. Our assessors are accredited MoCA assessors with specific experience in completing Capacity to Litigate Assessments.


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