Lasting Power of Attorney Certificate Provider


Keeping you safe

For a Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) to be valid and registered with the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG), it must contain a certificate confirming that the person making the LPA (The Donor) has full mental capacity at the time of making it.


What is a certificate provider

A Certificate Provider is an impartial person who confirms that you understand the significance of what you’re doing and that nobody is forcing you into it.

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Our 7-dayTurnaround Service Includes:

  • A guide to the whole process from our registered and qualified social workers.

  • Certificate Provider Signatures from a Registered Professional.


We can also provide:

  • Witness Signatures for all parties, including donors and attorneys.

  • A short report evidencing the information that would be requested by the OPG if your LPA was ever contested, to protect your LPA and support your chosen decision-makers.

  • A document-checking service to make sure everything is completed correctly before your LPA is sent to the OPG.

If your mental capacity is in doubt, we offer full, decision-specific Mental Capacity Assessments as part of our LPA service, to confirm you’re able to make a LPA.