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Care Needs Court Report
Bespoke Court Compliant Report Writing.

Specialist Court Compliant Reports

An evidence-based package of assessments and reports specially designed to identify a person’s current and future care needs and their associated costs – for cases such as divorce and personal injury compensation.

Our care needs court report evidences:


  • The extent of a clients abilities to deal with day to day living and whether these abilities could improve or deteriorate over time.

  • Whether these abilities could be improved with additional support and or therapies and the associated costs of this

  • Whether a client would be able to live independently and if not suggested support and associated costs

  • The cost of identified needs, for example, domiciliary care, residential care.

  • Accommodation needs and costs

  • Whether any local authority and NHS funding is available and whether the client meets the eligibility criteria

  • Evidence of whether any State benefits are available

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Our Specialist Report includes:


Adult Social Care Needs Assessment

We can complete a Care Act (2014) needs assessment to identify the person's strengths and their care needs; this can allow us to determine whether a person's needs are best met in a care home or their own home and, on the scale of probability, identify if this is likely to change in the future. 


Care Plan

A Care Plan evidences how the identified needs form the adult social care assessment can be bet now and in the future, this includes day to day needs as well as maintaining relationships, social engagement and housing needs.


A Benefits Review

We complete a full review of any state benefit entitlement, evidencing your potential income in the future


Continuing Health Care Checklist

A continuing health care checklist (CHC) helps to identify if there is any possibility of your needs being met via NHS funding. Identifying and evidencing these entitlements or not to state-funded aide can assist in divorce settlements.


Care Cost Review

Whether care is required right now or in the future, from our care plan we are able to contact providers and ensure your care plan is fully costed and ready to be implemented when you are.


Court Report

Having collated all of the relevant evidence, we can complete a full report for the courts outlining our findings and summarising needs, how these needs can be met and the cost of these needs.

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