Social Work Surgery

Our Social Work Surgery is a free to access service. 

Navigating social care can be stressful. Many professionals can quickly become involved in your family dynamics with new language, terms and organisations being discussed. For many, it is a very sharp learning curve.

Our Social Work Surgery was born out of our understanding that sometimes we need to talk things through with someone in plain English who can explain the language and the processes involved in social care.

Once we have a better understanding of your situation and have a clearer idea of what is happening, we can then assist by creating an action plan for moving forward and achieving the best outcomes for your loved ones and your family. 

This action plan can include signposting to relevant services and giving you the right "keywords" to use to ensure you receive the right services from them. It can also include us advocating on your behalf; sometimes, a simple old fashioned letter can be enough to resolve a difficult situation and get things moving in the right direction. 

Whatever position you are in, our Social Work surgery can help. 




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