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Imagine you have a friend who sometimes struggles to choose the right clothes for the weather. On a cold day, they might wear a T-shirt, and on a hot day, they might wear a thick jacket. You might wonder, "Do they understand how to choose clothes based on the weather?"In the same way, sometimes its necessary to check if someone understands certain important decisions about their life, like managing money or deciding on medical treatments. This check is called an "assessment of mental capacity."

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Mental Capacity Assessments

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What is Mental Capacity?

Your mental capacity reflects your ability to understand information and make informed decisions. This encompasses decisions across any aspect of your life. The Mental Capacity Act (2005), the key legislation governing mental capacity in the UK, clearly states that capacity is 'decision specific.' This indicates that while you might possess the capacity to make certain decisions, you could lack the capacity for others.


As specialist mental capacity assessors, our approach is therapeutic in nature, focusing on assessing your mental capacity for specific decisions that you might find challenging, or in situations where concerns have been raised about a potential lack of capacity. Our mental capacity assessments are tailored to address these individual needs, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your capabilities in making particular decisions.

Capacity to Manage Finances

Whether to activate an EPA or to support in evidencing your capacity to manage your finances Nellie Supports is here to help.

Capacity to Marry

Marriage is a significant life event that involves legal and emotional implications, and it is essential to ensure that individuals fully comprehend the decision they are making when choosing to marry.

Capacity to Contract

Whether you're embarking on business transactions, facing legal proceedings, or making important personal decisions, having a clear understanding of your capacity to contract is paramount.

Capacity for Residency

A Mental Capacity Assessment for Residency is a crucial step in supporting individuals who may face challenges in understanding the complexities of selecting suitable living arrangements.

Capacity to Access Social Media

A Mental Capacity Assessment to access social media is a crucial process that aims to strike a balance between individuals' right to participate in the digital world and the need to ensure their safety and well-being.

What Decisions Can We Assess Mental Capacity For?

Understanding mental capacity is crucial in the multifaceted world of decision-making. As specialists in mental capacity assessments, we evaluate an individual's mental capacity for a wide spectrum of decisions. This ensures that each person's rights and autonomy are upheld. Our assessments encompass decisions related to financial affairs, health and welfare, legal issues, and other vital life choices. Our expert team is proficient in determining a person's capability to make informed decisions. Below, we will explore in detail the specific types of decisions for which we conduct mental capacity assessments.

Expert Mental Capacity Assessments for Empowered Decision-Making

Expert Mental Capacity Assessments for Empowered Decision-Making


At Nellie Supports, we specialise in comprehensive mental capacity assessments tailored for adults, children, and young people. Our services include both decision-specific and retrospective evaluations, focusing on empowering individuals through informed decision-making. Each mental capacity assessment is designed to provide support and protect the most vulnerable, ensuring that all evaluations are conducted with precision and care.


Understanding the critical importance of timely assessments, we commit to delivering each mental capacity assessment promptly, providing peace of mind for clients and their families. Our team of qualified professionals is dedicated to prioritising the well-being and empowerment of those we assess, employing their expertise to offer professional and efficient service.


At Nellie Supports, our mental capacity assessments are conducted with the highest level of attention to detail. We strive to furnish all parties involved with valuable insights, supporting them throughout the process. Trust in our commitment to deliver high-quality mental capacity assessments that positively impact lives and uphold the dignity of each individual we serve

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Registered professionals giving you peace of mind 

Experience peace of mind with our comprehensive social work services at Nellie Supports. Our team of registered professionals, including qualified and experienced Social Workers, is dedicated to providing exceptional care and support. From mental capacity assessments to a wide range of social work services, our experts ensure accurate evaluations, personalised guidance, and the highest standards of practice. Trust in our registered professionals for a reassuring and trusted partnership on your care journey, backed by their expertise in both social work services and mental capacity assessments.

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