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Anti-Harassment Policy

At Nellie Supports, we are committed to providing a safe, respectful, and dignified environment for our clients, stakeholders, and staff. This policy outlines our approach to preventing and managing unacceptable actions, including harassment, ensuring alignment with the UK's Protection from Harassment Act 1997 and related legislation. Our goal is to foster a supportive atmosphere where everyone feels valued and heard.
This policy applies to all individuals interacting with or within Nellie Supports, including clients, staff, volunteers, and external partners.

Policy Statement
Nellie Supports strictly prohibits any form of harassment or behavior that could be perceived as aggressive or abusive. This includes, but is not limited to, verbal, physical, sexual harassment, bullying, stalking, and any form of discrimination. We take a zero-tolerance approach to actions that cause alarm, distress, or undue pressure to our staff or clients.

  • Harassment: Repeated unwanted conduct affecting the dignity of individuals or groups, including bullying and any form of intimidation, degradation, humiliation, or offense.

  • Unacceptable Actions: Behaviors that impede the ability of Nellie Supports to deliver services effectively, including unreasonable demands, excessive contact, and actions that harass or abuse staff or clients.

Preventive Measures

  • Awareness and Training: Regular training sessions for all staff and volunteers on recognizing, preventing, and responding to harassment and unacceptable actions.

  • Communication: Clear communication of this policy to all stakeholders, ensuring understanding and compliance.

Reporting Mechanisms

  • A confidential process for reporting incidents, accessible to all.

  • Assurance of no retaliation or adverse consequences for individuals reporting in good faith.

Response Procedures

  • A commitment to investigate all reported incidents promptly and impartially.

  • Support measures for victims, including counseling and mediation services, where appropriate.

  • Disciplinary actions against perpetrators, which may include termination of services, employment, or reporting to authorities, in line with legal obligations and organizational policies.

Review and Update

This policy will be reviewed annually and updated as necessary to ensure continued compliance with UK law and best practice guidelines. Feedback from clients, staff, and other stakeholders will be considered during reviews.


This policy is available to all staff, clients, and the public. It can be accessed through our website and is provided during the onboarding process for all new staff and volunteers.


The responsibility for implementing this policy lies with all members of Nellie Supports. Leadership and management are specifically tasked with upholding the policy's standards, providing training, and handling reports of unacceptable actions or harassment.

Appeals Process

Individuals dissatisfied with the handling of a reported incident may appeal the decision. Appeals must be submitted in writing to the Director, who will review the case with an impartial panel.

Nellie Supports is dedicated to maintaining a workplace and service environment free from harassment and unacceptable actions. Through this policy, we affirm our commitment to the dignity, well-being, and respect of all individuals associated with our services.

Unacceptable Actions and Harassment Policy: Addendum on Threats

Nellie Supports acknowledges the potential for threats of various natures, including but not limited to litigation, physical, sexual, or verbal threats, as a means to unduly influence, coerce, or manipulate outcomes of assessments, staff behavior, or organizational operations. This addendum specifically addresses such threats, reinforcing our unwavering stance against any form of coercion or manipulation.
Policy Statement on Threats
Nellie Supports considers any threats, whether explicit or implicit, towards staff, clients, or the organization as a whole, to be a severe breach of our values and this policy. This includes threats made in an attempt to:

  • Influence the outcome of service assessments or decisions.

  • Alter staff behavior outside of ethical or professional boundaries.

  • Compel the organization to undertake actions it has no obligation to fulfill.

Types of Threats

  • Litigation Threats: Attempts to use the threat of legal action to influence decisions or actions of the staff or organization.

  • Physical Threats: Any suggestion or implication of intent to cause physical harm.

  • Sexual Threats: Any threats implying the use of sexual coercion or harm.

  • Verbal Threats: Use of language intended to intimidate, coerce, or induce fear, including threats of harm, exposure, or other forms of retaliation.

Reporting and Response

  • Immediate Reporting: Any recipient of a threat as outlined above is urged to report the incident immediately to their supervisor or the designated reporting channel.

  • Investigation: All reported threats will be investigated promptly and thoroughly, with respect to confidentiality and sensitivity.

  • Support: Individuals subjected to threats will receive full support from Nellie Supports, including access to counseling and legal advice, where applicable.

  • Consequences: Individuals found to have made such threats may face disciplinary actions up to and including termination of service or employment, and may also be reported to law enforcement or other appropriate authorities.

Preventive Measures

  • Awareness Training: Regular training will be provided to all staff on recognizing, responding to, and reporting threats.

  • Security Measures: Where necessary, Nellie Supports will implement security measures to protect staff and clients from potential harm resulting from threats.


Nellie Supports is committed to maintaining a safe, respectful, and secure environment for all its clients and staff. This addendum to our Unacceptable Actions and Harassment Policy underscores our dedication to upholding these principles against all forms of threats and coercion.


This policy, including its addendum, will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains effective and relevant. Feedback from staff and clients will be considered as part of the review process to continually enhance our protective measures.
Nellie Supports' stance against threats of any kind is clear and unwavering. We stand firmly by our duty to protect the well-being, dignity, and safety of our community, reinforcing our commitment to a zero-tolerance policy against harassment and unacceptable actions.

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