Decision Specific Assessments


What decisions can it cover?

As expert mental capacity assessors, we’re experienced in assessing individuals for any decision where there’s a particular concern. For example, their capacity to:

  • Marry or divorce

  • Choose where they live

  • Create a Trust

  • Act as a Trustee

  • Any other decision


What the law says

The Mental Capacity Act (2005) states that the assessment of capacity should be decision-specific. This means the assessment of capacity must be about the particular decision that has to be made at a particular time and is not about a range of decisions.


Financial Decision Tracker

Not only does our assessment include a report evidencing your capacity but where appropriate we also include a financial decision tracker at no additional cost. 


Montreal Cognitive Assessment

The Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) is a brief, 30-question test that helps healthcare professionals detect cognitive impairments early on. 


The MoCA can be beneficial in situations such as testamentary capacity where a client's will is likely to be contested, the MoCA can provide evidence, on the day, that there was no identifiable impairment of the mind or brain. 


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