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Deportation Order Appeal Report


"Comprehensive Family Assessments for Deportation Order Appeals: A Holistic Approach Rooted in Legal Frameworks and Compassionate Care"

At Nellie Supports, we understand the complexities and challenges that individuals facing deportation order appeals often encounter, particularly
when it comes to the well-being and care of their children. We are here to provide comprehensive assessment services tailored to the needs of families involved in deportation order appeals, guided by the principles outlined in the Care Act 2014, Section 117 of the Immigration Act 1971, and the framework for the assessment of children.

Our team of qualified social workers specializes in conducting thorough child and adult profile assessments. Following the framework for the assessment of children, we take a holistic approach, considering the child's physical, emotional, educational, and social development needs. By carefully examining the health and social care needs of both parents and children, we gain valuable insights into their unique circumstances. We recognize the vital importance of assessing the parent-child relationship and dependency, ensuring that every aspect is considered when formulating an action plan.

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What is the process Nellie Supports follows to assist families involved in deportation order appeals, and what does this service consist of?

At Nellie Supports, our approach to helping families involved in deportation order appeals is both comprehensive and evidence-based. To start, we conduct adult assessments by meeting with all adults responsible for the child's care. These assessments are designed to gain an in-depth understanding of each adult's relationship with the child, evaluating how impactful they are in the child's day-to-day life. This includes looking at their roles in fulfilling the child's physical, emotional, and social needs.

Parallelly, we also conduct a child assessment that takes into account the child's current needs across various spheres, such as education, health, and social care. We consider the child's wishes and feelings, ensuring they have a voice in the process.

After carefully compiling and analyzing the data gathered from both the adult and child assessments, we craft a detailed, evidence-based court report. This report is fully compliant with Civil Procedure Rules 35 (CPR 35) and aims to accurately portray the genuine impact that a parent's or caregiver's deportation would have on the child. By laying out the evidence in a court-compliant manner, we provide legal teams and judges with the essential information needed to understand the potentially life-altering implications of a deportation decision on a family, particularly the children involved.

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Balancing Compassionate Assessments with Rigorous, Evidence-Based Reporting

At Nellie Supports, we understand the emotional toll that deportation order appeals can take on families, which is why we prioritise making our assessments as friendly and relaxed as possible. Our team of qualified social workers employs a therapeutic strengths-based approach, focusing on the positive attributes and resilience within individuals and families. This helps in building rapport and facilitating open conversations, ensuring that the environment feels comfortable for everyone involved.

Even as we maintain a relaxed atmosphere, our assessments don't compromise on rigor. Every interaction, observation, and piece of evidence gathered is carefully documented and critically analysed. This dual approach allows us to form a comprehensive understanding of each individual's situation, from adults to children, capturing the nuances of their daily lives and relationships.

The collected data serves as the backbone for our court-compliant reports, which are thoroughly evidence-based and abide by Civil Procedure Rules 35 (CPR 35). While these reports are critical in nature, analysing the impact of potential deportations on families, they are also infused with the empathetic insights gained from our therapeutic, strengths-based assessments. This ensures that our reports are not only legally robust but also humanely considerate, reflecting the true circumstances and feelings of each family member involved. In this way, Nellie Supports strikes a balance between the compassionate and the critical, making us a reliable partner for families navigating the complexities of deportation cases.


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CASE STUDY: Navigating Family Challenges During Deportation Appeals—The Muir Family Journey

In a period of profound uncertainty, Mr. Muir—a resilient father—faced imminent deportation to India following his release from prison. With his children, Aanya, 10, and Arjun, 7, also wrestling with the emotional turmoil of possibly losing their father, Mr. Muir knew he needed expert assistance. Turning to Nellie Supports was his first step towards seeking stability for his family.

From the onset, our team at Nellie Supports made it a priority to cultivate a relaxed, yet professional environment. Employing a therapeutic strengths-based approach, we initiated a comprehensive assessment process tailored specifically to the unique needs and circumstances of the Muir family.

We conducted individualised, in-depth assessments for each family member, thoroughly examining Mr. Muir's, Aanya's, and Arjun's physical and mental well-being, their educational requirements, and emotional states. Our empathetic and person-centered approach ensured that each family member felt comfortable sharing their concerns, wishes, and fears. We actively listened, made them feel heard, and validated their experiences, which were crucial in understanding the profound impact that Mr. Muir's potential deportation could have on the family's well-being.

Our assessments not only collected vital data but also facilitated the Muirs in realising their own strengths and resources. These insights were invaluable in crafting an evidence-based, court-compliant report. This report meticulously integrated all the qualitative and quantitative data gathered from the assessments and was submitted by Mr. Muir's legal counsel to the courts.

The report not only met but exceeded the rigorous standards of Civil Procedure Rules 35 (CPR 35), providing a compelling, critical, yet humanely considerate argument against the deportation, specifically highlighting the disruptive impact it would have on Aanya's and Arjun's lives.

Through the interplay of professional rigor and compassionate engagement, Nellie Supports became an instrumental ally for the Muir family, guiding them through one of the most challenging chapters of their lives.

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