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Professional Deputies Forum Conference 2022

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Nellie Supports was proud to sponsor the Professional Deputies Forum Conference 2022 in Birmingham for the second year running.

Nellie Supports mission is to support out communities whether this be our local communities such as our children's football team sponsorship, our global community through out tree planting initiative via Ecologi or our Business community through sponsoring the fantastic work done by Sam Bossi and her team at The Professional Deputies Forum.

This years Conference had some great speakers including a social care update that highlighted the need for professional deputies to have knowledge and evidence regarding their clients care needs for the upcoming care cap as well as when applying for continuing health care.

One of the highlights of the conference appears to have been WKD Dogs, who giving their first conference presentation gave an engaging talk about how they select and train dogs for a wider range of individuals including support dogs such for people who's lives could benefit from the loving support of a specially trained dog.

Our Director Ben Slater also introduced our new subscription service Nellie+ which is designed to ensure professional deputies have all of the evidence and information required to support their clients while also providing them with a truly independent advocate.

This years conference was a resounding success and we cant wait for conference 2023 in Manchester!

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