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Taking the Leap: Ensuring Capacity to Marry

Entering into a civil partnership or marriage is a significant milestone in life, filled with love, excitement, and promise for the future. It's a momentous decision that deserves to be made with confidence and clarity. At Nellie Supports, we understand the importance of this step, and we are here to support you in making your own decision with ease and assurance.

Why Assessing Capacity Matters

The decision to marry is one that should be made with a clear mind and full understanding of its implications. The Mental Capacity Act (2005) in the United Kingdom recognizes the importance of assessing mental capacity when it comes to significant life decisions, including entering into a civil partnership or marriage.

A mental capacity assessment ensures that individuals have the cognitive ability to comprehend the nature and consequences of their decision. It safeguards against any potential vulnerabilities and helps protect the rights and interests of the parties involved.

Our Fast and Professional Assessment

At Nellie Supports, we take pride in offering a fast, professional, and comprehensive mental capacity assessment tailored specifically for the context of entering into a civil partnership or marriage. Our bespoke assessments are designed to address the unique considerations of this life-changing event.

We adhere strictly to the guidelines set forth in the Mental Capacity Act (2005) and relevant case law, including the pivotal Southwark v KA (2016) case. Our assessments are fully compliant and conducted by accredited expert mental capacity assessors.

Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) Inclusion

As part of our commitment to providing thorough evaluations, we include the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) at no extra charge. The MoCA is a widely recognized and respected tool for assessing cognitive abilities, enabling us to gain valuable insights into your mental capacity.

Supportive and Comfortable Process

We understand that discussing mental capacity can be a sensitive matter. That's why our approach is grounded in empathy and respect. Our friendly and experienced social workers conduct the assessment either face-to-face or via video link, ensuring a comfortable and relaxed experience.

Empowering Informed Choices

Our ultimate goal is to empower you to make informed choices about entering into a civil partnership or marriage. We believe that love and commitment should be celebrated, and with our professional assessment, you can move forward with confidence and peace of mind.

Secure your mental capacity assessment with Nellie Supports and take the leap into your new chapter with clarity and assurance. Love deserves nothing less than the best, and we are here to ensure your journey is filled with joy and certainty.

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