Long Term Care Report

If you are a Deputy or an Attorney and you are in the position of deciding on long-term care within a residential or nursing home. In that case, you need to be able to answer the specific question of whether there is a possibility the individual could return home. 

We can provide all of the relevant information and evidence to support you in your decision making.



1. Adult Social Care Needs Assessment

We can complete a Care Act (2014) needs assessment to identify the person's strengths and their care needs; this can allow us to determine whether a person's needs are best met in a care home or their own home and, on the scale of probability, identify if this is likely to change in the future. 

2. A Decision Specific Mental Capacity Assessment

To complement this assessment, we can also complete a Mental Capacity Assessment for the specific decisions on whether the individual can decide on their residency and care. 

3. A Best Interest-Checklist

The best interest checklist ensures any decisions being made are compliant with the principles of the Mental Capacity Act (2005) and evidence the decision-making process. 

All of this information can support you to ensure your decisions are evidence-based and well documented. 



Our assessments are person-centred and therapeutic in nature, ensuring every practicable step is taken in supporting you in your decision making. 


In Person Assessment

Our assessors ensure any assessment is therapeutic in nature and usually take place in the individuals home, whether this is a private residence or a care home, although on occasion it's necessary for assessments to take place in hospitals or in private organised rooms such as hotel meeting rooms.


An assessment, will, on average take approximately 1 hour and our experienced Social Workers try to ensure it is a comfortable and relaxed experience, its important to us that the individual feels confident enough to engage with us, as it is only that way we can get a true understanding of someone’s capacity.

More information

Telehealth Assessment
via secure video link

Face to face assessments are always going to be best practice. However, in those instances where this is not feasible, we offer a safe, secure and professional online mental capacity assessment via our integrated telehealth service.


As with our face to face assessments, our qualified experienced and registered Social Workers complete all of our telehealth assessments. We provide a relaxed and informal approach to ensure you have the best opportunity and help in making decisions.