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Property Sale Report Package

Selling a property?

If you are applying to the court of protection to sell a property as the individual has entered long term care within a  care home you have to supply additional information for the courts to consider.

 All the information and evidence you need to be sure about selling a person’s home when they move into residential care including a person-centred Adult Social Care Needs Assessment, a Decision Specific Mental Capacity Assessment and a Best Interest Checklist.


Our Specialist Report includes:


Adult Social Care Needs Assessment

We can complete a Care Act (2014) needs assessment to identify the person's strengths and their care needs; this can allow us to determine whether a person's needs are best met in a care home or their own home and, on the scale of probability, identify if this is likely to change in the future. 


A Decision Specific Mental Capacity Assessment

To complement this assessment, we can also complete a Mental Capacity Assessment for the specific decisions on whether the individual can decide on their residency and care. 


A Best Interest-Checklist

The best interest checklist ensures any decisions being made are compliant with the principles of the Mental Capacity Act (2005) and evidence the decision-making process. 

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