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Step 3: Social Care Brokerage


"Empowering Your Care Choices: Personalised Brokerage Service"

Welcome to Nellie Supports' Personalized Brokerage Service, where we put you at the heart of your care decisions. Our dedicated team of professionals is here to ensure that your unique needs and preferences are met by connecting you with the right care providers. We understand that finding the perfect care can be a daunting task, but with our research-based approach and commitment to individualised support, we make the process seamless. Explore how our brokerage service empowers you to take charge of your care journey.

Our team of experienced care professionals doesn't just connect you with any care provider; we ensure you're matched with the one that's right for you. Our brokerage process is rooted in research and expertise, backed by a deep understanding of the care landscape. Whether it's home care, assisted living, or any other care arrangement, our professionals are committed to finding the perfect fit.

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When would care brokerage be neccessary?

Navigating the complex landscape of care services can be a daunting task, often requiring professional guidance and support. At Nellie Supports, we recognize that there are various scenarios where the expertise of a care broker becomes invaluable. Here are some situations when enlisting the services of a care broker is not only beneficial but often necessary:


1. Ensuring Appropriate Care Delivery:

When a comprehensive care plan has been created to address specific care needs, it's crucial to ensure that these identified needs are met appropriately. Care brokers step in to bridge the gap between your care plan and the actual care services available, working diligently to match you with the most suitable care providers who can deliver on your care requirements.

2. Legal and Litigation Purposes:

In legal proceedings such as divorce cases or personal injury litigation, the courts may require detailed costings of current and future care services. Care brokers play a pivotal role in providing expert assessments and cost estimations, contributing to the fair resolution of these legal matters. Our professionals are well-versed in these processes, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the information presented in court.

3. Challenging Local Authority Funding:

There are instances when individuals or their families may have concerns that the personal budget provided by the local authority is insufficient to cover the required care services adequately. Care brokers step in as advocates, working diligently to challenge and negotiate with local authorities to secure the necessary funding to meet your care needs. We are committed to ensuring you receive the care you deserve.

These are just a few examples of situations where the expertise of a care broker becomes crucial. Our dedicated team at Nellie Supports is here to guide you through these challenging scenarios, offering professional support and solutions tailored to your unique circumstances.

Case Study: Beatrice's Journey to Tailored Care

 Beatrice, a 72-year-old woman, was living with a diagnosis of moderate Alzheimer's disease, which had started to significantly impact her daily life. Her family was deeply concerned about her well-being as her memory loss and confusion were progressing, making it unsafe for her to manage her daily activities alone.


Beatrice's family faced the daunting task of finding the right care solution for her. The abundance of care options available overwhelmed them, leaving them unsure about the best course of action to ensure Beatrice's safety and well-being.


 Nellie Supports stepped in to provide our comprehensive brokerage service. Our Social Worker initiated a thorough assessment of Beatrice's needs. Our Social Worker considered Beatrice's medical condition, personal preferences, and the family's concerns, ensuring that Beatrice's voice was heard throughout the process.


Our Social Worker conducted an in-depth assessment to understand Beatrice's care needs, encompassing both physical and emotional requirements. This assessment served as the foundation for the subsequent care plan.


Armed with a profound understanding of Beatrice's needs, Our Social Worker meticulously researched and identified a selection of care providers in the local area. She scrutinised factors such as their expertise in Alzheimer's care, staff qualifications, and the quality of care they delivered.


Our Social Worker presented the family with a carefully curated list of potential care providers. Together, they meticulously evaluated each option, weighing aspects like cost, location, and the range of services offered. After thoughtful deliberation, a care provider was chosen.

Even after the care provider was engaged, Our Social Worker continued to closely monitor Beatrice's care. Regular check-ins with both the family and the care team ensured that Beatrice's evolving needs were consistently met. Any necessary adjustments were made promptly.


Thanks to Nellie Supports' brokerage service, Beatrice received personalised care that significantly enhanced her quality of life. The selected care provider specialised in Alzheimer's care, ensuring that Beatrice's unique needs were not just understood but expertly met. Beatrice's family found comfort knowing that she was under the care of capable and compassionate professionals. Our Social Worker's continuous support and advocacy ensured that Beatrice's care plan adapted seamlessly to her changing requirements.


Beatrice's journey serves as a compelling testament to the invaluable role of professional brokerage services within the complex realm of care. Nellie Supports' dedicated Social Workers go above and beyond to identify, recommend, and facilitate the most suitable care solutions. Through these services, individuals like Beatrice receive the tailored care and support they need, vastly improving their quality of life and providing reassurance for their families.

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Social Work England is a specialist body taking a new approach to regulating social workers in their vital roles. All of our Social Workers are registered with Social Work England for your peace of mind. 
Our assessors are accredited Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) assessors with specific experience in completing capacity assessments and specialist reports.

Financial Vulnerability Accredited

All of our assessors have undergone extra training to become accredited financial vulnerability experts according to Lichtenberg standards, so they can provide even more detailed reports on mental capacity.

All our assessments are completed by registered and accredited professional Social Workers, providing you with the utmost confidence and peace of mind. Our dedicated team ensures that every mental capacity assessment is conducted with the highest level of expertise, adhering to professional standards and ensuring the well-being and rights of individuals.

  • What is a Mental Capacity Assessment to Litigate?
    A Mental Capacity Assessment to Litigate evaluates an individual's cognitive ability to understand and participate in court proceedings. Conducted by a team of experienced Social Workers, the assessment ensures fair and just legal participation.
  • Why is this assessment necessary?
    The assessment is crucial to ensure that individuals involved in legal proceedings have the cognitive ability to make informed decisions. This safeguards vulnerable individuals and upholds the legitimacy of the court proceedings.
  • What criteria must one meet to be considered capable of litigation?
    The official solicitor outlines specific criteria, such as the capacity to understand advice, the ability to make decisions in litigation, and the capacity to understand compromise. Meeting these criteria is essential for fair participation in legal matters.
  • What happens if someone lacks the required mental capacity?
    If an individual lacks the necessary mental capacity to litigate, a litigation friend may be appointed to assist in decision-making and understanding advice related to the court proceedings.
  • Who conducts the assessments?
    Our team of registered and accredited professional Social Workers at Nellie Supports conducts these assessments, adhering strictly to the Mental Capacity Act 2005 guidelines.
  • What does the assessment process involve?
    The assessment begins by gathering relevant background information about the individual. This is followed by face-to-face interactions to evaluate comprehension of legal terms, decision-making abilities, and understanding of the implications of the court case.
  • How long does it take to receive the assessment results?
    While the timing may vary based on individual circumstances, our goal is to communicate the results promptly to allow legal proceedings to proceed efficiently.
  • What does the assessment report include?
    The report outlines the findings, observations, and conclusions regarding an individual's capacity to engage in court proceedings. It is a detailed and well-documented account of the individual's mental capacity.
  • Are your reports court-compliant?
    Yes, our reports are fully court-compliant and meet the specific requirements set out in both CRP35 and Family Court Rules. Conducted by our team of registered and accredited professional Social Workers, these assessments strictly adhere to the legal framework set forth by the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and other relevant legislation. The comprehensive nature of our reports makes them suitable for presentation and acceptance in both civil and family court settings.
  • How can I schedule an appointment for a Mental Capacity Assessment to Litigate?
    To make an appointment, you can contact our team at Nellie Supports by calling 0333 987 5118 or emailing
The image displays a portrait of a mature man. He has a well-defined facial structure, a full beard and mustache with a mix of white and gray hair. His eyes are deep-set and appear to be of a light color, emanating warmth and wisdom. The man has a slight, pleasant smile on his lips. He is wearing a navy blue crewneck shirt. The background is neutral and light, putting the focus on the man's face. The overall feel of the image is calm and introspective.

Our assessments are conducted with a therapeutic approach, recognising the potential emotional and psychological impact such evaluations can have.

We approach each assessment with empathy and sensitivity, creating a safe and comfortable environment for the individual being assessed. Our skilled assessors are trained not only in the legal and procedural aspects but also in effective communication and rapport-building. We engage in meaningful conversations, ensuring that the individual's voice and preferences are heard and respected throughout the assessment process. Moreover, we are keenly aware that mental capacity can fluctuate, and it can be influenced by various factors such as stress, anxiety, and health conditions. With this in mind, we take a holistic view, considering not only the individual's current state but also their history, context, and potential future changes.

Our therapeutic approach aims to reduce any anxiety or discomfort associated with the assessment, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and understanding. We believe that this approach not only ensures accurate and reliable assessments but also contributes to the overall well-being of the individuals we serve. At Nellie Supports, your emotional and psychological comfort is as important to us as the technical aspects of the assessment.

Compassionate Mental Capacity Assessments with a Therapeutic Touch

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