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Mental Capacity Assessment

Assessment of Mental Capacity

Nellie Supports is the UK's leading independent Social Work practice, specialising in social care support and mental capacity assessments. Our experienced, qualified, registered Social Workers provide person-centred, ethically-priced services tailored to your needs and wishes throughout the UK.

Nellie Supports provides fast, simple, independent Social Work support and expert mental capacity assessments.

Our accredited, experienced Social Workers support individuals, families, communities and professionals throughout England and Wales, providing caring, bespoke independent social work assessments, reports and support when you need it most, for as long as you need us.

Mental Capacity Assessments

We can help with a range of Mental Capacity Assessments for adults, children and young people, including decision-specific and retrospective assessments.

Mental Capacity assessments

Bespoke Court Reports

As Qualified and Registered Social Workers, we can collate a broad range of evidence to ensure decisions whether, by deputies, attorneys or courts are made with all of the relevant information and in your best interests.  

independent social work reports

Nellie+ Social Work Subscription

We know care is expensive and that needs can change quickly. That's why we created our Social Care membership; with annual face to face care assessments and monthly telehealth reviews, we are always there to evidence and support your ever-changing needs.

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Same Day Appointments

Our Same Day Consultations can be booked quickly through our online booking system and are completed by our qualified, registered Social Workers

Same day mental capcity assessment

Lasting Powers of Attorney

If you’re unable to make key decisions for yourself in the future, you can choose someone you trust to make them for you, such as a family member or close friend.

capacity to grant lasting power of attorney

Testamenary Mental Capacity

Testamentary capacity is the term used to describe someone’s mental capacity to make, or amend, a Will. As expert mental capacity assessors, our assessments are completed in line with current case law.

immigration assessments

Care Needs Assessments

Our friendly and experienced social workers will talk to you about your needs and wishes, to find out what kind of care and support is right for you.

Social work care needs assessments

COP3 Mental Capacity

You can apply to become someone’s deputy if they lack the mental capacity to make a decision for themselves at the time it needs to be made.

COP3 Deputyship mental Capacity Assessment

Registered professionals giving you peace of mind