International Assessments

Our qualified experienced and registered Social Workers complete all of our assessments. We provide a relaxed and informal approach to ensure you have the best opportunity and help in making decisions and with our intergrated teleheath system we can assess you wherever you are. 


Mental Capacity 


Financial Decision Tracker Included at No Additional Cost

We apply the UK's test for capacity as outlined by the Mental Capacity Act (2005) and rleevant UK Case Law. 


We are able to assess an individual for any decision where there is a particular concern this could be:

  • Capacity to marry / divorce

  • Capacity to Divorce

  • Capacity on where a person resides

  • Capacity to create a Trust 

  • Capacity to act as a Trustee

All of our assessments are compliant with the Mental Capacity Act (2005) and based upon the Social Care Institute for Excellence guidelines for best practice Mental Capacity Assessments


Our assessments are person-centred and therapeutic in nature ensuring every practicable step is taken in supporting you in your decision making. 


Social Care Needs Assessments

Any assessment should be therapeutic in nature; this means you should gain some insight not only into your current care needs but also your abilities. A holistic assessment should  take into account:

  • The emotional and social side of your life.

  • Your skills and abilities.

  • Your views, religious and cultural background and support network.

  • Any physical difficulties you may experience or any risks.

  • Any health or housing requirements.

  • Your needs and wishes.

  • What you would like to happen.

  • Needs you have connected with any kind of disability or illness.

Generally, assessments take place in your own home; our experienced Social Workers aim to ensure the process is comfortable and relaxed. 

Our assessments are based  upon the same legislation and eligibility criteria used by the UK's NHS and Local Authorities outlined in the Care Act (2014).


  • ​Managing and maintaining nutrition

  • Maintaining personal hygiene

  • Managing toilet needs

  • Being appropriately clothed

  • Being able to make use of the adult’s home safely

  • Maintaining a habitable home environment

  • Developing and maintaining family or other personal relationships

  • Accessing and engaging in work, training, education or volunteering

  • Making use of necessary facilities or services in the local community, including public transport, and recreational facilities or services

  • Carrying out any caring responsibilities the adult has for a child.

Financial Vulnerability Assessments

Whether you are concerned about a loved one or you're a professional with concerns about a clients vulnerability, Nellie Supports staff can ensure you have all of the information to ensure you can safeguard those most vulnerable in our society. 

Nellie Supports staff are accredited financial vulnerability assessors and apply the Lichtenberg interview process to ensure we gain a true representation of an individual. Our assessments are therapeutic in nature, person-centred and evidence-based. 

To assist professionals and families, we are trained and accredited in the use of the Lichtenberg Financial Vulnerability interview model. This financial vulnerability assessment model is research-based. The reliability of the Lichtenberg Interview method has been validated across more than three years of field-testing.

Financial vulnerability assessments can determine the quality and soundness of a financial decision, and whether a transaction can continue with confidence or should be postponed.

Our assessments are person-centred, evidenced-based and therapeutic in nature. This means our assessors will work with the individual and their family/ friends to ensure the individual themselves gains an insight into any possible vulnerability while also recording evidence to support further decision making. 

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Telehealth via secure video link

Face to face mental capacity assessments are always going to be best practice. However, in those instances where this is not feasible, we offer a safe, secure and professional online mental capacity assessment via our integrated telehealth service.


As with our face to face assessments, our qualified experienced and registered Social Workers complete all of our telehealth mental capacity assessments. We provide a relaxed and informal approach to ensure you have the best opportunity and help in making decisions.