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Simple, Effective Case Management and Welfare Support Bespoke to You

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Annual Care Assessment

Yearly face-to-face assessment identifies your care and support needs

Allocated Social Worker

An allocated Social Worker, meaning no refferal ques.

Monthly Care Reviews

Monthly reviews via video-link / telephone or in your own home

Choosing your plan

Annual Care Assessment Home Visit
FREE initial care assessment home visit
Care Plan
Continuing Health Care Checklist
Monthly Review Report
10% Discount on case management rate
5% Discount on all of our other services
Monthly Telehealth Review
Monthly Home Visit Review
Annual mental Capacity Assessment (Finances)

What does being part of the herd include?

At Nellie Supports, we know personalisation is key to your care. So, team Nellie has created a simple, bespoke subscription service that allows you to choose the level of support you need depending on your situation. 

Our Subscription packages ensure you have support 52 weeks of the year and start at just £39.99 per month. Being a member of Nellie+ Doesn't cost the earth; in fact, we plant trees to offset our carbon emissions to ensure it doesn't! 

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  • Annual care assessment

Our yearly face-to-face assessment identifies your care and support needs. Our friendly and
experienced social workers will discuss your needs and wishes, to find out what kind of care and
support is right for you. Your Needs Assessment can take place in your own home or wherever you
feel the most comfortable.


  • Monthly reviews

Depending on your plan our monthly reviews can take place either via video-link / telephone or in person at your own home. Our monthly reviews includes discussions with you and your carers, whichever you prefer. We make contact on a monthly basis and report back to the people you have chosen on how you are getting on. This is your chance to raise any concerns or queries and for us to identify any change in your requirements.

  • Yearly Mental Capacity Assessment (Finances)

To ensure court of protection professional deputies meet Standard 3a (8), we complete an yearly mental capacity assessment to evidence any changes in a client's capacity, ensuring you can evidence a regular review has taken place and support you in identifying any improvements or decline in a clients capacity to manage their own finances. 

  • Annual Continuing Health Care Checklist Review

Your health needs change over time; that's why alongside our yearly social care needs assessment, we complete a review of your eligibility for continuing health care to ensure you receive the proper funding for your care and reduce the need for appeals later down the road. 

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  • Yearly care assessment report

Our assessments are based on the same legislation and eligibility criteria used by the NHS and Local
Authorities outlined in the Care Act (2014). This ensures our social workers have a holistic picture
when it comes to helping you look after yourself, your home, your relationships with others as well
as accessing work, training, education or volunteering, making use of local services such as public
transport, and your caring responsibilities if you have a child.

  • Annual care plan

Once we’ve carried out your Needs Assessment, we’ll create a bespoke Care Plan together, tailored
to your needs, abilities and wishes. It will highlight and confirm how your care and support needs

will be met including any financial support you’re entitled to. This is your chance to have your say
about the type of care and support you’d like.

  • Monthly review report

A monthly report will be provided to you and your deputy/attorney to keep everyone up-to-date on
how things are going. Reviewing your care is essential. This makes sure that you remain the focus
and can talk to us about any changes in your needs, or any concerns you may have, quickly, before
any issues arise.

  • Annual Mental Capacity Assessment Report

A yearly report in line with the test outlined in the Mental Capacity Act (2005) identifies explicitly your capacity to manage your own property and financial affairs. For professional deputies, this is great evidence to show you have regularly reviewed and recorded a client's capacity, and for you, it means we can quickly identify any improvements and ensure those involved in your care support you appropriately. 

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  • 10% Discount on all of our case management services

Whether you need advocacy at a meeting, support on organising new care providers or help with arranging appointments, our team is on hand to help and your membership results in an even more affordable service

  • 5% Discount on all our other services 

If you need an additional assessment when writing your will or you need a certificate provider for
your lasting power of attorney, we can always assist. When you’re a part of our herd you’ll be
entitled to a discount on all of our services, making extra support even more affordable.

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Your care requirements are as individual as you are, and they can change over time. When needs change, a quick and tailored response is essential. Why? Because a quick response means a reduced risk of emergency care and results in an improved, more personal care experience.

For those helping you, such as attorneys and deputies, it is essential that they have up-to-date information to help evidence that any decisions they make are appropriate and in your best interest. 

Nellie's subscription service is an affordable, professional care review and management service that ensures your needs are reviewed regularly, and any changes are identified. 

Our Team liaises with those who know and support you to ensure these needs are met. From making sure you can attend a GP appointment or arranging transport for you to meet with friends to assisting with additional care at home. Whatever you need, when you are part of our herd, you're never alone. 

Care Assessments
Monthly Reviews
Mental Capaciy


Stephanie has a diagnosis of dementia, and due to her advanced needs, she resides in a care home in her hometown of Luton. Stephanie couldn't manage her finances and had no family to help support her. Therefore the court of protection felt it was in her best interest to appoint a professional deputy. 

Stephanie's new Deputy organised all of Stephanie's finances and ensured her care fees were paid on time. Additionally, they contacted the care home regularly to enquire whether Stephanie needed anything or any additional support, and the care home always advised, "no, everything is fine." 

Stephanie's Deputy contacted Nellie Supports to organise a one-off care review. Our registered Social Worker attended to Stephanie and found her room bare of any personal effects, a limited wardrobe and no access to extra activities. When this was queried with the care home, they explained that Stephanie didn't have any family, so there was no one to organise these things. 

Stephanie's Deputy subscribed Stephanie to Nellie+ meaning our original assessment was at no cost, and we were able to spend additional time with Stephanie to better understand who she was and what she needed. From this, our team worked with her Deputy to access funding for personal effects; Stephanie had been a tennis player, and it was also discovered that her religion had been vital to her previously.
With this information, Team Nellie ensured that her room was decorated with personal bedding and items that interested her. They also arranged for someone to attend the care home weekly to read her bible with her. The team even organised regular visits to local tennis courts, and whilst Stephanie could no longer play, she enjoyed being able to watch the games, and players regularly stopped and spoke to her. Our continued involvement allowed for the Deputy to be apprised of Stephanie's improvements.
As a subscriber to Nellie+ should any requirements change for Stephanie, we can now work with all of those involved in her care to quickly ensure additional support is put in place.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Will you visit me at home?

Absolutely our initial free care assessment and your annual assessment are face to face at your home with one of our experienced and qualified social care professionals. 


Helped my Grandma

Helped with my Grandma.
Amazing company from the first phone call to the actual visit. Prompt responses and communication throughout.

Ms Charles

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Yearly Welfare Reviews

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